• Genres: drama, romance

    An attorney must choose to save himself or a beautiful stranger with whom he shares a tangled past.

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    A group of friends cope with handling themselves and family issues in a modern society.

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    Join Camille Chen, restaurant critic & dating disaster, as she 'dines and dicks' her way through NYC.

  • Genres: comedy, drama, romance

    Hussein life seems as if it destined for failure. Until he meets a woman who loves him despite everything.

  • A mysterious and expert young hairdresser arrives in Wells looking for a new start and a chance of romance.

  • An ad exec is forced to move in with her outrageous Latin family subjecting her new love to their zany antics.

  • Genres: comedy, crime, romance

    An uptight policeman struggles to solve a murder while falling for his new partner, the Chief’s wild niece.

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    Aspiring writer fantasises about Hollywood must act on desires to turn dreams into reality…

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    Three friends struggle to find themselves in a world of acting and addiction.

  • Genres: horror, romance

    A mentally unstable art student meets a new girl, making his muse (a plastic mannequin) insanely jealous.

  • What if the girl you were getting to know, already knew everything about you?

  • Genres: drama, romance

    Fate or coincidence? That is the question.

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    All's fair in love and war but this time, it's war

  • A CDC worker discovers he is immune to a virus transmitted by touch but it means leaving the love of his life.

  • Genres: drama, romance

    Cooper is ready to propose to his long term girlfriend, when she surprises him with a one way ticket overseas.