"Just as appetite comes by eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning."

- Igor Stravinsky


  • Genres: action, adventure, comedy

    Two NYPD beat cops have begun a journey

  • Genres: action, comedy, drama

    An angry man over reacts to everything

  • Genres: action, crime

    A short film of revenge and unexpected consequences.

  • A small black ops team is sent on what is to become a suicide mission to retrieve and unknown artifact.

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    A failed heisted leaves two captured men deciding if they can trust one another.

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    Introducing Tommy Granger, He Packs A Lunch And Packs A Punch

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    The Evils Of The Past Come To Turn...

  • There's a thin line between good and evil.

  • A man discovers a mysterious book in the forest.

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    A schoolboy becomes world weary and decides enough is enough.

  • Notebook, a world dispossessed of life under the force of The New World Order.

  • Two drug smugglers are tested by the secrets they keep from their clients and each other.

  • Genres: action, comedy

    A man finds his life inside a video game

  • A science fiction film on letting go

  • Genres: action, crime

    An undercover cop on the biggest bust of his life, wasted on drugs.

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