"An original writer is not one who imitates nobody but one whom nobody can imitate."

- Vicomte De Chateaubriand


  • Caroline Doctorow's tribute song to the Big Duck in Flanders, NY.

  • A woman prevents a child from seeing his mother, dead in her room

  • A lonely drive through a lonely town during a lonely time of year.

  • Genres: children/family

    See what happens two sisters argue over a tattered set of fairy wings.

  • Follow along with I as she tries to find her missing U!

  • Throwaway Kids is a group of new webisode stories about children who have been rejected,

  • Spend some quality time, living w/ a family of "Glorified Drug dealers”... in Northern R.I.

  • A young man takes his girlfriend's father into the woods to ask him the daunting question.

  • A short, stop-motion film using clay. Duder raids the cookie jar.

  • An impoverished boy hatches an enterprising plan to make some money and help his village elders.

  • I created this and as time goes by it is still a Classic...

  • Life Lessons through a Doctor's Eyes...

  • Genres: children/family

    A light hearted touching short story about a chance meeting.

  • Mexican spaghetti western

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