"Art is not a mirror to reflect the work but a hammer with which to shape it."

- Vladimir Mayakovsky


  • Zack tells Dr. Tom why he needs his help. He must be commited, will the Dr. see it his way?

  • Genres: crime, drama

    A man comes home to find he is being burgled, he then traps the thief in his flat and a tense psychological game... more

  • Genres: action, comedy, crime

    Not since Cop Rock has there been a more accurate portrayal of the LAPD. Pudinsky and Tecate will win your respect... more

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    Do you love?.... Your life or the one you love most. What would you do? One man is given the choice.

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    A professional assassin is offered the biggest job of his career. But is he good enough to take it? (Adult Language/... more

  • Genres: crime, drama

    Two Nice Guys hang around an old back-woods filling station and fight over who'll be the first to answer the ringing... more

  • Genres: adventure, comedy, crime

    Willy thinks... therefore... he's a super hero?

  • TWO

    Hi there! If you have read my profile you'll know that I am a newbie to filmmaking and am just starting out in... more

  • Three youngtser's curiosity about an abandoned pool gets them front row seats to a murder.

  • Genres: comedy, crime, horror

    An ex-porn star in search of her glorified past, emotionally bruised by rejection and a failed career, seeks revenge... more

  • Every morning Detective John King showers, eats his breakfast, reads the paper and kisses his wife goodbye. All... more

  • Genres: crime, documentary, drama

    What if you were gay? Would you hide it? Should you die for it? Imagine this: as you come out of work, you are... more

  • Genres: crime, drama, romance

    ````Strong Language / Simulated Violence```` Crazy in Love….

  • Genres: comedy, crime

    Two bumbling thieves in search of diamonds battle over a child's pink piggy bank. This entire film was created... more