• In 1967 a soldier bound for Vietnam deserts to Canada. Decades later, his journey is retraced by a man who has... more

  • A response to the ridiculous anti-piracy ads that used to be shown in movie theatres during the previews.

  • Genres: documentary

    This observational documentary follows a team of dedicated female rowers on an early morning training session along... more

  • A single word; 'Desire' encompasses many wants which would be as limitless as one's mind. 'One Day At the Cerebrum's'... more

  • Genres: documentary

    This is a collection of drawings and sketches.

  • As many guys have heard, women say they're looking for a "nice sensitive guy" to take care of them. But when guys... more

  • A tribute may to 13 year old Hillel, who shows promise as a musician, a basket ball player - and a generally a... more

  • “Uh Oh Betty” is a documentary parody that shows the lighter side of a rather bleak topic. A purely black and white... more

  • Hillary Clinton's Bust 'Revealed' -- The artist behind the "Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth on a Bearskin Rug"... more

  • Genres: documentary

    This is a documentary concerning Krauseworld martial-arts academy in Glasgow, Scotland. I wanted to show the various... more

  • Genres: comedy, documentary

    Dave hits the strip in Vegas to commit sin.

  • Genres: documentary

    A Documentary about sectarianism, made by and with a group of 13-year olds from a school in the East End of Glasgow... more

  • Genres: documentary

    Every day we travel the roadways and highways and enjoy the convenience they provide us. It is not without a price... more

  • Genres: documentary

    The Erotic Universe is a video poem that speculates about the erotic creative force of the universe that has given... more

  • Genres: documentary

    "Windows" ( JANELAS ) is a script by Ana Flavia Miziara, based on the best seller of a Brazilian author named MABEL... more