"It’s hard to be funny when you have to be clean."

- Mae West


  • The mystery of Thomas Edison's GREATEST EVER INVENTION is RESURRECTED.

  • The ultimate opponent.

  • A young woman's revenge goes awry.

  • Human struggle is exemplified between people turned instant victims, following the BP Oil Spill.

  • When Abbey meets Nicole, a misunderstanding changes her life for better or for worse.

  • What if you could go back and fix your mistakes

  • One shot, trying to create a feeling of hallucination for the viewer.

  • The dark Memories of a home remembered

  • A man facing the torment of life.

  • A Policeman arrives at a house in the dead of night to search for Mr. Groboski

  • A wannabe vampire winds up attracting the unwanted attention of a vampire hunter.

  • Some dogs, you just have to put down yourself.

  • Driver helping an elderly women pedistian on the side of the road at night

  • Sometimes you shouldn't say anything.

  • Welcome to Respect 101, the only academy where you learn or you die.

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