• A small black ops team is sent on what is to become a suicide mission to retrieve and unknown artifact.

  • Time is off, literally.

  • A woman is found murdered in Central Park. Who killed her, Jack or Jake?

  • A father who is visited by his son confesses that he has kept a dark secret from him for his entire life.

  • 14

    Emily is on her way home from work. For the last time.

  • A short tale of mythology, temptation and consequence .

  • A killer becomes obsessed with a media reporter while manipulating the police with video tape of his crimes.

  • Sometimes when we speak our minds, there are those who wish we'd stayed silent.

  • A distraught man makes the most important call of his life.

  • A modest girl experiencing the feeling of love is fighting her inner fears of losing her happiness.

  • Dark comedy about a jealous husband, who gets off early from work and runs into a "surprise" at his house.

  • A husband puts a hit out on his ex wife but may find he bit off more than he can chew.

  • A psychological thriller about relationship where nothing is what it seams

  • Loreleď tells the story of a love crime.

  • It's late, and Carl's just off from work. As usual, he takes the Brooklyn bound F train home.