"When critics disagree, the artist is in accord with himself."

- Oscar Wilde


  • Is life over after the collision?

  • A short, stop-motion film using clay. Duder raids the cookie jar.

  • Genres: comedy, horror

    A South African Village with a secret

  • Genres: drama

    Its about a Begger Life

  • Genres: drama

    Jack tries to burgle a house however complications arise when Sophie returns earlier than expected

  • An impoverished boy hatches an enterprising plan to make some money and help his village elders.

  • Genres: sci-fi/fantasy

    Ville ventures films launches a sneak preview of the supernatural television series entitled Chosen.

  • Genres: action, crime, drama

    What happens when a Actor Betrays his Agent

  • I created this and as time goes by it is still a Classic...

  • Genres: documentary, drama

    No other teacher in the world has footage of the WORK he did with his or her students till now ...

  • Life Lessons through a Doctor's Eyes...

  • Genres: crime, drama, romance

    What happens when a Undercover detective works for both clients?

  • Genres: crime, drama, romance

    The Reality is there is no Law just what you can get away with.

  • Genres: crime, drama, political

    MEN in Power always desire to be spoiled.

  • Genres: animated, drama

    Sometimes one man will have your life in his hands...welcome to the Court system