• Genres: romance

    How important is compromise?

  • Genres: drama, romance

    You gotta know when to get off a ride to hell. A love story.

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    Everyone is special . . . not in a retarded way . . .

  • A writer falls for a strawberry blonde waitress, but once the fog is lifted nothing is what it seems.

  • Genres: drama, romance

    A Good Motto To Live By: "Always Think Twice Before You Ask Out A Co-Worker"

  • Never underestimate the power of being 18 and beautiful.

  • Genres: comedy, drama, romance

    An Ivy League educated high-end escort tries to negotiate friendship and love while being paid $25,000 a gig.

  • Genres: drama, romance

    My brush with the most elusive thing in the world, love.

  • Genres: drama, romance

    Better to kill for love than to die for love.

  • Genres: drama, romance

    Love is blind, unfortunately.

  • Genres: comedy, drama, romance

    A gorgeous but self-obsessed Los Angeles man prepares for a date with a woman he met online.

  • Anyone can be a saint - if they try hard enough.

  • A love stronger than death.

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