"The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people."

- Theodore Roosevelt


  • Genres: children/family

    When a boy pretends to be a bull and terrorizes the old folks home, it takes a retired matador to stop him.

  • Genres: drama

    A young man with a disability struggles with accepting himself.

  • Genres: action, comedy, drama

    A comical spy thriller

  • Genres: drama

    A new life beckons in the Land of the Free

  • A story about illusions, which can winning reality.

  • Genres: drama

    This is a true story about my first time.

  • Two of the world's greatest heroes take in a girl with a troubled past.

  • Will the humans that are left fight for their lives or die trying?

  • An artist exploits a family tragedy to further her career, with frightening consequences.

  • With little evidence and even less hope, can Agent Rivers stop a child killer before he strikes again?

  • Genres: drama, historical

    It is a fictional story told by a student Socrates shortly after the man's execution for impiety in 399 B.C.

  • Genres: adventure, drama

    Life in the U.S. Navy in Misawa, Japan in 1977

  • Genres: sci-fi/fantasy

    An alien abduction story told from the point of view of the aliens.

  • Genres: horror, romance

    Love displays its jagged teeth

  • Genres: drama

    A visit to a pub is sometimes interesting.