"While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior."

- Henry C. Link


  • When the plague engulfs Mega Sao Paolo, one doctor must fight against the odds to save the city and himself.

  • A woman haunted by a vengeful ghost, wrestles with the horrifying nature of her identity while revealing appalling... more

  • A recovering gambling addict gets tangled up in a conspiracy involving parallel universes.

  • October is a subtle, dark edged melodrama addressing themes of familial loyalty, violence and retribution and the... more

  • Sometimes, the grass on the other side isn't greener...it's a completely different color. "I need to see you. I... more

  • While searching for a missing friend in the White Mountains, a novice hunter finds himself stalked by a mysterious... more

  • A novice hunter fights for survival as he searches for his missing brother in the White Mountains.

  • Mira, Samir, and Raj are all three old college buddies. Mira and Raj work at Samir's drug company. They make major... more

  • Three best friends uncover a kidnapping when a powercut forces them to play outside!

  • He can commit any crime he wants: his place in Heaven is assured. But can he keep his sanity?

  • A former cold war CIA intelligence asset in Prague is re-activated and he couldn't be happier.

  • Allen Smith an overly curious young college student finds out the hard way that sometimes you need to let some... more

  • After betraying his tribe to help a white blind boy, A Native Alaskan must team up with the boy to conquer the... more

  • Detective Kirby Prudent fights to solve a mystery and protect his client Eva Lavender

  • Rutledge’s quest for love leads him to an evil ex-girlfriend, money, sex and violence.

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