"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind."

- Aristotle


  • Genres: drama

    A group of strangers must deal with their problems before it consumes them.

  • An aging fortune teller is chosen by the spirit of a murdered transgendered prostitute to expose her murderer.

  • Genres: drama

    A young man struggles to come to terms with his girlfriend's death from a suicide bomber

  • Genres: drama, romance

    Love is where it falls

  • Genres: action, drama, western

    An ex-outlaw sets out for a new start but soon finds out he has a few loose ends to tie up before setting out.

  • Genres: comedy, drama, political

    You wish you were me. I want Nicholl's.

  • Behind a curse on the King; stands a betrayal.

  • Genres: drama, political

    An indigenous law school student in Canada resorts to terrorism to save his ancestral lands.

  • From rags to riches to rags, a farmer puts duty to family before self.

  • An unlikely pack of small town sluggers tempt the odds and make their way to the Little League World Series.

  • Genres: comedy, drama, western

    a postmodern buffet of vignettes set in a western steakhouse between a highway interchange and a suburban node

  • Genres: drama

    Sometimes being a hero is easier than being in the right place at the right time

  • Genres: drama

    A beautiful teen struggles to accept her title as the prettiest girl in the room.

  • A man crosses alternate universes to be with his wife, fights off other versions of himself to keep her.

  • Genres: drama, romance

    A man falls in love with woman who gives him the greatest gift in life.

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