• An Acadian man and Mi’kmaq woman live and love amidst colonial war between England and France.

  • Somali Pirates, a kidnapped Senator, a holy war rising, a son's rescue plan.

  • In early 2002, the city of Ahmadabad in India burned because of fierce communal riots. 800 were killed in the name... more

  • Genres: drama, foreign, political

    A political thriller set in high stakes world of the United Nations and international AIDS policy.

  • Africa, 1772. Victorious Asante exacts from a defeated enemy an annual tribute of five hundred slaves. Ama is left... more

  • Genres: action, crime, foreign

    An illegal immigrant worker fights to unmask a right-wing terrorist group that recruited his brother as a suicide... more

  • Genres: drama, foreign

    An American woman goes to Belgium to find someone. She has only a first name, a photo, and less than a week.

  • Think EXCALIBUR with a touch of CONAN THE BARBARIAN. When a flawed knight of the Round Table accepts a cursed sword... more

  • A young scientist has to face the demons of her past when her research trip to Siberia hurls her into an age-old... more

  • Genres: drama, foreign

    An Indian returns to “the rez” for his father's funeral and deadly, unfinished business with old friends.

  • Genres: comedy, foreign

    A small town in outback Australia full of an aging polulation is thrust into the world of Indian film making when... more

  • A.D. 1571: Venice is on the verge of losing its war against the Turks, when the love affair between Marco, a young... more

  • Genres: drama, foreign

    3 Short films depicting the journey of a pocket watch across the 20th century. 1.) Freudian Slit: A young mute... more

  • Genres: comedy, foreign, romance

    A romantic comedy about a man in search of everything he's not looking for.

  • An Americanized Arab family goes overseas to their homeland and must deal with the absurdity of their culture.

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