"In this world there are only two tragedies: one is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it."

- Oscar Wilde


  • When a woman's estranged twin sister is murdered, she must become her in order to catch her killer...

  • Two best friends must contemplate their options after one of their girlfriends is tragically wounded.

  • Can someone who does the unthinkable find redemption?

  • How do you stop a murderer who doesn't have to lift a finger?

  • The most spectacular and humiliating invention in the history of espionnage.

  • An architect converting a church in Venice unleashes a force of evil and a ghost from his past.

  • A serial killer is programmed to kill at the government’s behest while a journalist tries to stop him.

  • Grady must evade a vengeful killer, dutiful cop & overzealous journalist when his home becomes a crime scene.

  • Grace’s search for a girl leads to an apostle of God where perceptions of faith and identity are tested.

  • A family vacationing at a lighthouse must fight to survive when they become the subject of a satanic ritual.

  • A psychotic multi-millionaire holds a child ransom in exchange for pardon on several murders.

  • A Detective and an invisible man, track a Lycan serial killer who makes his murders look like Vampire attacks

  • A detective investigates the murder of a young boy in the quintessential 50's American suburbs.

  • A father faces a difficult decision when his son joins a serial killer on a rampage across their small town

  • Alive Aaron Mack is great, possibly the best, but in death he'll become a legend.