"The realization of ignorance is the first act of knowing."

- JeanáToomer


  • SAM TAYLOR is enlisted as a SEEKER battling both human and mystical forces to defeat the OTHER.

  • Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies - but can one pollute the other?

  • A cop suspects his wife of murder

  • When Chris has lucid dreams of he and his deceased wife, he has to decide which reality he wants to live in.

  • A na´ve dot-com team are lured to an isolated island, and the deadly 'Team Building'

  • A brutal assassin wins custody of his children, one of them is gifted and must use this to save them.

  • A drifter with an incredible power must return home when his family is threatened by a violent criminal.

  • A young man with a cleaning OCD blacks out after a night out and wakes up with a dead man in his apartment.

  • A brilliant neuroscientist induces near death experiences in patients to disprove the afterlife.

  • OCD affected Jack's perfect world is turned upside down when a killer calls him.

  • When the plague engulfs Mega Sao Paolo, one doctor must fight against the odds to save the city and himself.

  • Six friends, three summers, one mystery...

  • A woman kills her abusive step-father and goes on the run with a relative stranger

  • Is there an Afterlife? Only one way to find out.

  • Unable to forgive, Mick Irvine will use the man he despises, as bait to catch a demented killer.