"Discipline is the soul of an army."

- George Washington


  • "Once you choose a path or the path has been chosen for you there is no going back."

  • Strapped to a polygraph-triggered bomb, a corrupt narc must go one day without lying

  • A man is pressured into giving a false confession about the death of his brother.

  • A Santero fights against a Brujo to stop him from sacrificing a young child in order to free Satan from hell.

  • He's just a name on the internet...right?

  • Jai Jones realizes, the travel from Chicago to L.A is not as easy, as it sounds.

  • Following a near fatal accident, a doctor must lose everything to find peace and eternal love.

  • Priest decides to exorcise demon that inhabits niece or use the info it feeds him to catch a serial killer.

  • Two couples sailing the northern Great Lakes stumble upon an island with a history of evil.

  • A nurse is forced to choose who lives and who dies at a non-profit hospital in Africa.

  • A Det. must rid her demons to follow clues that lead to murder and a Catholic Church cover up in an asylum

  • If anyone leaves this restaurant you will die.

  • A desperate couple try to save their marriage by opening their lives to two strangers.

  • A young woman risks all to discover if the man she fancies is a masked rapist

  • A hit man is caught in a time-warp, re-living the events of one fateful evening.