• Genres: comedy

    "Utopia" is a creepy parody of those late night "wonder pill" commercials you see. Utopia is the ultimate fix you... more

  • Genres: animated, comedy, horror

    We discover the horrifying truth behind the natural urges of a vampire and realize he is not that different from... more

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    Two poor guys, one uptown girl. They're purse snatchers, she has a purse. What could go wrong...

  • After working customer service jobs for a number of years, I grew ill and vomited this up.

  • Genres: comedy, drama

    The café is a hive of energy and activity, a place where everyone wants to be. Anyone who is anyone needs to be... more

  • Genres: action, comedy, political

    It only takes one tiny spark to start a raging inferno.

  • A casting call for Hollywoods "Hottest New Director" goes horribly awry.

  • Genres: comedy, drama

    Freddie, a car salesman in his 30s, is watching life go by and doesn't even know it. He's still in the same town,... more

  • Genres: comedy, horror

    A South African Village with a secret

  • Genres: comedy

    5 Super Heroes picked to live in a house! And have their lives videotaped. Watch fireworks fly, tempers flare and... more

  • Paul reads Unlucky Caroles cards but he shouldnt have!

  • Things go awry in a space walk.

  • Genres: comedy

    A mysterious phone call.

  • Genres: comedy, documentary

    A rant in your undies competition from fueled this entry. So we took a 4 page rant, cut it down to under... more

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