• A woman is found murdered in Central Park. Who killed her, Jack or Jake?

  • A female student walks the halls late at night, unaware that she is not alone. Another stalks the halls, and he... more

  • Genres: animated, comedy, horror

    What happens when a happy dancing marshmallow takes the wrong path in life? Find out in the politically-uncorrect... more

  • Pasión y desesperación de una mujer comida por el deseo a su novio, del cual lleva tres días separada pero viviendo... more

  • Genres: action, comedy, horror

    Reality shows gone too far.

  • Genres: drama, horror

    A woman will go to any lengths to save her younger sister during a zombie apocalypse, but the horrifying loss of... more

  • A dark Christmas story, told with visuals and music.

  • Genres: horror

    A girl is obsessed with toes and feet. after perfoming a ritual she takes out her anxieties about naked feet and... more

  • Genres: horror

    A Lynchian mash-up of a packing plant and other footage

  • An early morning day in the London financial district, just like any other. Problem is, things are not always as... more

  • An innocent Internet chatroom encounter leads to unexpected hijinks as an older experienced witch lures a naïve... more

  • They didn't see it coming at the Mercy farm.

  • Genres: action, horror

    An ancient symbol is misappropriated and used in a prominant ad campaign, causing people to behave in violent ways... more

  • Genres: horror

    A rough rendition of the novel "METAMORPHOSIS" by Franz Kofka...dealing with the theme of social and interpersonal... more

  • Chris picks up a stranger in the middle of the night. It turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

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