"Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result."

- Oscar Wilde


  • What do you believe in?

  • The dream you wish you've never dreamt, The sunrise you wish never rised

  • The story of conspiracy, premeditation, and execution lies within a briefcase full of razor sharp blades.

  • The before and aftermath of a grizzly murder.

  • Psychological Thriller / Romance

  • A fishing trip with an unexpected catch.

  • Having lived a life of religion, a man enters an interview that will justify or condemn his actions.

  • Fear only the mind can conceive

  • Drugs Aren't All Bad

  • Film-noir spun from the mind of filmmaker David Michaels.

  • Woman burying boy

  • a friend in need is a killer indeed.

  • The past will never forget

  • Boys' sleepover party gets jarred by a scary story.

  • The People who Watch you while you Sleep