• Hillary Clinton's Bust 'Revealed' -- The artist behind the "Nude Britney Spears Giving Birth on a Bearskin Rug"... more

  • Genres: action, drama, political

    It's tough being an assassin, and having assassin friends

  • Currently screening around the world, SOUTH CENTRAL FARMERS is an inspiring short documentary about 350 poor families... more

  • Genres: comedy, political

    Defiance is it's own reward.

  • Do you ever really know who your sitting next to...?

  • Genres: comedy, drama, political

    A film about the paranoia we experience due to the threat of terrorism and ultimately why we shouldn't live in... more

  • Genres: drama, political

    Experimental music video built around human perceptions, both visual and in thought and word.

  • Genres: comedy, horror, political

    Every night, around midnight, the U.S. Capitol is haunted by two enigmatic clowns. They are the Neo-Clowns. Here:... more

  • Genres: political

    This film is a videomontage that depicts the processes of capitalism, beginning with the extraction of resources,... more

  • Qualifying as the my first organized video project made when I was 17, this crude documentary short uses interviews... more

  • Go to work, punch your bosses, take their money, and get home just in time to be in the arms of the one you love... more

  • The London Underground can be a scary place, but this activist-puppeteer- enterpenurial team work hard every day... more

  • A man views a French film that was not very good. He decides to kill the next Frenchman he sees.

  • Genres: drama, political

    Nick is a struggling writer. What starts as a simple case of writer's block turns into actual frustration in that... more

  • NYer Elmer discovers his buddy Ted in Oakland has the big 'C'