"My works are like water. The works of the great masters are like wine. But everybody drinks water."

- Mark Twain


  • Genres: action, comedy, drama

    Marijuana ate a three course meal in my head, tax included and paranoia unpacked its bags

  • Genres: comedy

    Meet Bentley Weston Perry, a.k.a. Benjamin Freudenthal Fishenshitz, the original American Sicko.

  • Genres: comedy

    Let me just start out by saying, I never dated any woman who wasn't at least a 10.

  • Genres: action, comedy

    At a marine's request, the Spartans of Michigan State throw a spaghetti throwing party.

  • Genres: comedy

    "William Shakespeare and Monty Python walk into a bar at Disneyland."

  • Genres: comedy, romance

    How much can happen before the first course is served?

  • Genres: comedy

    A perpetual failure creates a motivational seminar in an effort to get his wife back.

  • Genres: comedy

    Mark and tries to help Alex enter the gay world by taking him to his first gay night club.

  • Genres: comedy

    Betrayel is the name of the game as Mark and Alex will make decissions that will change their lives.

  • Genres: comedy

    So much in life is ridiculous, especially in mine

  • Genres: comedy, drama

    A crocodile hunter falls prey to lavish dreams.

  • A merciless observation of infatuation, hope, & faded memories (dare?)

  • Genres: action, comedy

    M & M (2 federal agents) drink at The Next Whiskey Bar and discuss "a really experienced woman."

  • Genres: action, adventure, comedy

    If you are unsure why someone wants to be your friend, it means they don't.