"Just as appetite comes by eating, so work brings inspiration, if inspiration is not discernible at the beginning."

- Igor Stravinsky


  • Genres: action, comedy, horror

    A blind date turns beastly.

  • Genres: drama, horror

    While most people will condemn their soul to hell of their own free will, the Devil is not above being proactive... more

  • Genres: horror

    This is my second attempt at 'The Doll'. I took all the constructive opinions you shared with me regarding the... more

  • Genres: horror

    A night with friends at a sleazy New Orleans strip club... What could go wrong?

  • After his love Barbara is killed in a freak electrical accident Edward begins a bizzare quest to get her back.

  • Genres: adventure, horror

    A young man's nightmare of his battle with a sinister toupee.

  • A soldier in a galactic war finds himself stranded on a planet where nothing is even remotely as it seems.

  • Genres: horror

    Turnabout is fair play

  • A macabre story featuring a man in his daily life.

  • A macabre story of a man in his daily life.

  • An angry man unwillingly returns to the church of his childhood. Lost and despairing, he tries to ignore the darkness... more

  • Genres: horror

    It's always best to be at the top of the food chain.

  • An old photograph of a dead child leads a priest to questions and an unexpected answer.

  • Genres: action, drama, horror

    A bit of history & horror, a cross between Bad Moon & Platoon. A Full Moon In Vietnam instant classic.

  • When the Gatekeeper to hell comes across a soul he cannot bear to pass through he sets in motion the distruction... more

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