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Oil in a world of water....


Oil in a world of water.

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  • by germite on 07/14/2005
    This script did feature some good comedic moments, the best being the flashbacks towards the end of Jeff angering everyone. Also, I found Tiffany and Mr. Garrett to be engaging and amiable enough characters. Otherwise, this script really didn't do it for me. For one thing, it's padded with a lot of unnecessary parts, such as the dreams and too many flashbacks, as well as... read
  • A review of Speak the Word
    by germite on 06/09/2005
    This story features some powerful emotional scenes and turning points, and very good dialogue for the most part, which seems to accurately represent the context. Also, it's good to have an ending where everything doesn't work out exactly as it should, as Hans and Susan don't end up together (although there's a good chance they will meet again). There are some parts of the... read
  • A review of From the Ice
    by germite on 04/14/2005
    I'm very impressed by this script, one of the best ones I've come across on this website, and I've read many. The story had a strong sense of realism, played out naturally, and all of the characters served a purpose ... even those who I thought would show up once and then disappear eventually returned to play their part. The action was written well, especially in the final... read
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