Review of: Fit For Life 

reviewed by Elizabeth Anne on 02/19/2003
Elizabeth Anne
"Mind if I smoke?" "No, mind if I fart?" - Steve Martin
For a simple quick moment, this was pretty good! I agree with the guy, smoking and potato chips are disgusting, but that is the option of the individual - NOT the passerby. Unck's story is excellent. Come on guys, there was a set up, plot ('motive' for complaint, action and opportunity for re-action), and then WHAM! - All in less than a minute! That's how quick it can happen... Technical aspects were average. Editing and sound were done decently; the camera work is not such a great execution (wondered if the operator were jogging as well). Maybe he was laughing as he knew what was about to occur. I will say the set up for that was choreographed well, and hopefully Miles did not get hurt in the hit/fall, nor Self by the cigarettes! The ending proves a great point outlined by George Carlin: "You could be as fit as a fiddle and die tomorrow of a horrible accident - look how old I am and I smoke like there's no tomorrow, just in case there won't be one!". I still have to add to Steve Martin's line : "I like to light up a good one after sex." and he didn't mean the cigarette. Well, this dude lit one up afer a good joke. Hmmm.... inspirations abound....

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