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Through Thick and Thin

Through Thick and Thin

Genres: comedy
by thorpe on 10/25/2014

An overweight Baker must work at his egotistical brotherís fitness club to collect a large inheritance.

The Lesser Evil

The Lesser Evil

Genres: action, drama, political
by Michael Keller on 10/25/2014

A burned-out diplomat is recruited by the CIA to prop up a dictator, for the greater good of the Middle East.

O' Danny Boy Ver2

O' Danny Boy Ver2

Genres: drama
by redtruck204 on 10/24/2014

An injured Boxer has to deal with a family in crisis before getting back in the ring.

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All good in the Hood Credited Review

by jayelveejr on 10/25/2014

This is a very ambitious script for a slasher/horror show. It's parts Scream, Friday the... more

RL Sterling

Angels review Credited Review

Review: Angels (rev)
by RL Sterling on 10/25/2014

ANGELS REVIEW So Iíve worked on a lot of stunt sequences. Car chases, pyrotechnics, aerial.... more


Review Credited Review

by datho on 10/25/2014

I guess itís your first draft. And, itís pretty good. It flows pretty well (It... more

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