"In this world there are only two tragedies: one is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it."

- Oscar Wilde

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The Hell Outta Mexico

The Hell Outta Mexico

Genres: action, western
by JZandKO on 10/31/2014

A gang of biker outlaws must escape Mexico, when a deal goes bad in Cartel country.

Show Me Life

Show Me Life

Genres: comedy, romance
by sloanpeterson on 10/29/2014

A workaholic talent agent is challenged to find hidden talent in a randomly chosen homeless man.

Reset - Draft 2

Reset - Draft 2

Genres: adventure
by J. O'Hanley on 10/29/2014

Two enemies discover they're the last people left on Earth.

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Space Vacation Credited Review

by SirHenry on 10/31/2014

The scenes with drinking (drunk, actually), hang-overs and loose female aliens might be a problem... more

Russell Corey

review Credited Review

by Russell Corey on 10/30/2014

I like the idea of this script. It is fun concept and I like that... more


Not sure if the title says it all Credited Review

by JSANHUEZA on 10/30/2014

Hi DJ, congrats on completing the second draft of your script. It's clear that a... more

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