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All the Dead Girls

All the Dead Girls

Genres: horror
by grendle308 on 09/01/2014

A young agoraphobe is trapped in her house while a savage killer stalks her from inside.



Genres: action, comedy
by czachcross on 09/01/2014

Workaholic news reporter, Johnny Slate, relentlessly works to get his story about Snowballs on the air.



Genres: comedy
by madwolf52 on 08/31/2014

A mob kingpin moves into Nebraska to launder money.

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Start the story with the two kids as teenagers. Credited Review

by Russ2007 on 09/01/2014

OPENING TWENTY FIVE PAGES: Questions you need to ask yourself: Do they establish the tone... more


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Pineapple Express meets Dude, Where's My Car Credited Review

Review: Arizona Haze
by Savene on 09/01/2014

A shot at comedy through a vision of weed and hallucinations. It's tagged as comedy,... more

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