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Kindergarten Detective (V3)

Kindergarten Detective (V3)

by johnnyb2124 on 10/19/2014

Rocky Stone, a 5 year old detective, investigates the biggest case of his life.

Serial Killers

Serial Killers

Genres: horror
by Russ2007 on 10/19/2014

A woman with a past moves in next door to a couple of serial killers.

Hot Air (3rd draft)

Hot Air (3rd draft)

Genres: comedy, drama
by BobGrieve on 10/18/2014

Sometimes you've gotta be at your most wet before you can truly dry off.

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100 pieces of story. Credited Review

Review: Goddess
by aminzula on 10/21/2014

Page 38 & 39: Present day Mercenaries spring up in South Africa , what led... more

RL Sterling

Og's Review Credited Review

by RL Sterling on 10/20/2014

OGS UTOPIA Okay, I laughed out loud a few times. There was a nice blend... more


Adam Chmielewski's Review Of Roco-Cola Credited Review

Review: Roco-Cola
by Adamrc on 10/20/2014

Alright, where should we start? I will be flat out honest in saying that you... more

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