"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."

- Oscar†Wilde

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But Thinking Makes It So

But Thinking Makes It So

Genres: comedy
by JohnnyCoffeen on 07/29/2014

A lonely techie seeking happiness invents an app that allows him to install his ex-girlfriend into his dreams.

Famous Frank

Famous Frank

Genres: comedy, romance
by Rfordyce on 07/29/2014

Family feuds and romance unfold when a grumpy retired teacher inherits a failing toothpaste company.

When We Fell - first draft

When We Fell - first draft

Genres: adventure
by philip halmarack on 07/28/2014

Three climbers face tragedy in the Andes. As they return home, their lives change in extraordinary ways.

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philip halmarack

The wrong Dreams review Credited Review

by philip halmarack on 07/29/2014

A really nice opening with the kids in the classroom Ė great reactions. The tone... more


Good foundation for a series of gangster flicks though some elements need to be further developed. Credited Review

by thomastrace03 on 07/29/2014

I enjoyed reading your script. Youíve got a lot of intriguing elements which gives your... more


Great effort but needs a bit of work Credited Review

by gridlock on 07/29/2014

Iíve got to tell you, this was a very tough screenplay for me to get... more

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