"The height of cleverness is to conceal one’s cleverness."

- Francois de La Rochefoucould

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A Conversation (Second Read)

A Conversation (Second Read)

Genres: drama
by Tommarcella1 on 09/15/2014

A women meets her son's killer seeking closure before she is eventually put to death.



Genres: drama, romance
by jackjohns on 09/15/2014

Under the watch of its ruthless owner, Freddy must keep the casino in the whatever means necessary.

The Death Benefit

The Death Benefit

by Harf on 09/15/2014

A man of assumption conquers a world of mystery. Sex, lies and murder sprinkled with a Fedora.

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Review Credited Review

Review: WIND
by datho on 09/15/2014

Another good read. It was very fast and nice read. Neat screenplay format and clear... more


The Appointment Credited Review

by PANAMAN on 09/15/2014

This screenplay may be from a novice and it shows through the dialogue and scene... more


Monkey Business Credited Review

by billlae on 09/15/2014

The title is "Origin of the Species." This seems a total misnomer to me. The... more

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