Review of: Bad Dog Suicide (assisted) 

reviewed by dgburton on 02/28/2011
Credited Review
A bit of the ol' ultra-violence Credited Review
Wow, this is a tough piece to comment on. To be frank, I didn't like it, but your point may have been to write something that was very unlikeable. I felt sympathy for the dog, of course, as anyone would. It was a horrible death. But beyond the description of Sammy's tortuous last moments on earth, which were written fairly well, I'm having trouble finding much more here. I don't think there's any illumination. Reading it felt a bit like I imagine watching a cockfight would feel.

And I'm not sure that an 8 year old boy would have the understanding to euthanize the dog (to put it kindly). I'm assuming he did this as a humane gesture, to put it out of its misery? But why had he been laughing after discovering the impaled animal?

I'm just not sure what you were going for here. It was competently written, just a little cold-blooded.

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