Review of: A Constant Variable 

reviewed by FlipThis1 on 08/11/2009
A Constant Variable - Review
I liked the script a lot. I thought the script was well written. A solid story that made me ask for more.

Starting from the ending, I thought it was very dramatic and nerve wrecking (very good thing for me.) When I saw the word "The End" I was pissed because I wanted MORE. I wanted to know what Tayah meant by "He'll be back."

The beginning of the story was very interesting and got me hooked for awhile. The whole teacher thing was really nice touch, it gave the character a more important meaning. I just wish you did more with that.

The relationship between Sarah and Jacob was very solid. One of the best I've read in a screenplay. It was well worked throughout the story and it did have an affect on me every time it changed.

My only problem was the other characters. Tayah was my main concern. I got the idea that he was a teacher and Jacob's bestfriend. I assumed. I didn't get that across from the story that much. You should have maybe incorporated Tayah in Jacob's research. A more in depth dialogue, or even a scene dedicated to that purpose. That would have made a bigger difference for Tayah's role. I did like when Jacob turns to Tayah for help. He made him have a purpose in the story.

His sister Olive and boyfriend Darren were minimal to the development of the story. I felt that the only reason they were in this story was to have Jacob stay while he couldn't go home. It was nice knowing that Jacob had a sister, but they had minimal importance.

Overall, I think the script is great. GREAT JOB!
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