Review of: Three 

reviewed by mraffa on 07/19/2005
Credited Review
a la Creepshow Credited Review
Overall I enjoyed it. It kept my attention. I wanted to read more. The writing is solid. I enjoyed the way the stories were all loosely connected...the connection could be a bit stronger. I thought it was clever how the last story completed the first. Structure was good. The stories individually were good, but perhaps not totally new or different. This point leads me to the fact that Three reminded me a lot of Creepshow, which as a kid I loved. The similarity to Creepshow is both good and bad. The good news is that Creepshow, in my eyes, is a classic. These stories could have easily appeared in that movie. However, the bad news is that Creepshow has been done and I didn't see anything really new or different in Three. Again, the writing is really good. The author definitely has a flare for this genre.

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