Review of: Laundry 

reviewed by Sanchin on 07/11/2004
A Love Letter to Toronto
Toronto is too often put down by its scenic brethren, but 'Laundry' reveals a city with a beauty all its own, where skyscrapers twinkle alongside the stars and young love seems at once elusive and possible.At its core, 'Laundry' tells a simple boy-meets-girl story. We've seen it a thousand times before. So why did this film leave me with a big smile on my face? Perhaps because Writer/Director Jonathan Robbins handles the characters with a light touch. Perhaps because the short is littered with lovely comic episodes (my favorite being the shifty rose seller down by the docks). Or perhaps because DOP Colin Davis paints a beautiful picture with (gasp!) a MiniDV camera, capturing characters and scenery at once beautiful and natural in appearance.Robbins' dialogue is sharp and witty. However, the film sometimes loses momentum when it concentrates on its own cleverness; the dissection of raisins is cute and funny, but does nothing to advance the story. Still, such silly discussions are absolutely genuine to the experience of twentysomethings in love, so it's hard to fault Robbins for leaving it in.'Laundry' is a delightful little romantic comedy, one that warmed this jaded viewer's heart.

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