reviewed by ETMcCleary on 03/25/2004
Credited Review
A Matter of Survival Credited Review
It's a compelling story but I didn't feel the tone of the script held up to the premise. Despite the resolution, it is a very dark story. For what it's worth, I don't think Eileen fell far enough. The alcoholism is fine but losing Grant, as his character is written, doesn't feel like such a bad thing. He doesn't feel like he's part of this great life that falls away because of the drinking. If he really loved her (and this is debatable) he wouldn't have poured her that drink. I also felt that her relationship with Dr. Allbright unfolded too easily. What did he offer her that opened her up? What was so different about him? Now, all that being said, I really did like the script and Eileen's character. I just felt the characters could work a little harder to achieve their goals.

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