reviewed by wicket_saic on 01/29/2006
a nice look
this short has a very nice style to it. although i think that high contrast black and white has been overused since pi, i think it works well here. a good use of inverted stuff too... thats normally very cheesy. it felt about 30 seconds too long, but thats not really that bad. and your actor looks just like bruce willis. not bad!

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    The visuals here were quite good. I think they worked well for the story, and kept me interested the whole way through. The story was a bit too experimental for my taste (I spent 4 years at art school and I've grown a little jaded to the experimental narrative), but it was deffinatly better than most of the submissions on TS. I may just be stupid, but I had a hard time... read
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    I was all ready to write a bad review for this... Although I love Star Wars, this looked like a boring little short. However, I haven't laughed that hard at a TS short in a long time. To be fair, it is a one trick pony and better suited for youtube, but hey, it made me laugh. Good job!
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