Review of: End Over End (rev.) 

reviewed by thomasdolan on 11/05/2003
Credited Review
A Nice "Varsity Blues" esque sceenplay Credited Review
As I read this screenplay I became enthralled in it. I too have witnessed friends kill themselves in front of me and I just have to say you definitely got the jist of emotions running through Kevin. I was very pleased how the story flowed. This is a magnificent screenplay and you are a very talented writer. There were a few mistypes in the screenplay but very few which editing will catch once this story sells. Good luck on your endeavors, this one is good.

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  • A review of Magic Trick
    by thomasdolan on 11/12/2003
    nice set up for the story. the acting was great and the editing was good. i am not sure if it was my realplayer/quicktime messing up but it just kept going green and out of focus. if it is not i would suggest clean up the short some make it a more pleasent view. if it is my comp then you did awesome. i especially like the twist ending.
  • A review of Ghost of the Red Rose
    by thomasdolan on 11/12/2003
    A very DARK and chilling short. I can not wait to see your next short you put on here. The cinematography was one of the better I have seen on triggershoot, editing could use some work. But over all the short was good. Keep it up you may have something here.
  • A review of Below
    by thomasdolan on 11/12/2003
    The editing was good but the sound was muffled and hard to understand too much odd sound effects that where distracting. Nice cinematography I give you that. But it all seemed pointless. For only taking two hours good job but I think if you took a little longer worked in some angles into this It would work better.
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