Review of: Gazillion 

reviewed by pmsmith on 09/20/2005
a pimp dies, no one cries...
...but I don't think you'd mind, Mr. Appelman, because Gazillion wasn't a plea for sympathy, just a cold calculation, a shrewd analysis of sex trafficking, and an original use on non-sync filmmaking (with the exception of the Girl's line), and non-linear visual story telling. On top of that, the script was tight, and that simply tightened the screws. The fast pace of the editing kept my rapt attention. I thought the end reached a bit beyond the limits of non-sync motif, asking us to care for Melissa's character's fate when we didn't know her enough. That scene had the potential in the setup to be a bit like Adriana La Cerva's last car ride. Overall: bravo.

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