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reviewed by Elizabeth Anne on 08/01/2007
Elizabeth Anne
A Poem To Get Me Through My Desperation
Fantastic funny script, set-ups and performance, especially for the opening segment when we get to ‘know’ him. Great moment when he started to sing in his inspiration then forgot the words. Too bad he couldn’t talk when the moment arrived – yeah it always is cheesy when a man offers a girl her own flowers… Most of the site gags were funny even if many were not-so-original (like the Benny Hill-hose), they were played out hilariously. Some were quite clever. Man, what we learn at the end… he shouldn’t have been so freaking desperate.!

This really was cute. Dais comes across as a total dork but we root for him, feel bad for his mess-ups. Then again, I felt bad for the girl too a little bit. Regardless “this wasn’t workin’…” so he goes for the poem. Again when he gets his chance... he blew it.

Some of the cinematography seemed amateur while some shots were highly creative. Fun angles and captures of vibrant colors, some nice close-ups. Good edit moved the story along nicely with decent soundtrack/score (although I wanted the audio level of the score to not be louder as if becoming a music video – I had to keep turning the audio up and down to compensate the difference). Overall fun work, and cute title!

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