Review of: Fixed Shadows (r) 

reviewed by uLindokuhle on 08/30/2011
Credited Review
A promising read. Credited Review
Okay, first things first, well done of writing your screenplay.

Now to business, I didn't care at all for your characters. With
so many dying, it became very important to be invested in the
characters. I think that this was because they were so inconsitent.
Granted, they spent most of the screenplay pretensing to be someone
but it just didn't work for me.

Secondly, I found the dialogue very uncomforable. The trick is to
make it fuctional but casual. Yours seemed to ignore the latter.

I must also point out that the screenplay seemed to spiral out of
control. All the killing and dying felt like a last ditch attempt
at a resolution.

On better news, I liked the concept and was fond of the story. The
latter needs work but the seed is there.

All the best

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