Review of: The Denison Fairy 

reviewed by BozDonovan on 02/19/2011
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This is a delightful fairy tale. The story is straightforward and interesting. It’s your basic good verses evil where the good and evil are clearly defined. There are a few turns of events to keep it moving and the characters are well-developed for the story.

Like I said, I don’t read much children’s literature so I don’t have any current references to compare it to, but I remember the classics from my childhood: Frank Baum books, Lewis Carroll, Little Prince, etc. As I read ‘The Denison Fairy’ I tried to imagine if I were the appropriate age. Would I like it? Did I care about the heroine? Would I read it a second time? In every instance the answer was ‘yes.’

The book is very good. I can’t say that it’s on the level of the great classics that I mentioned, but it is certainly better than most. The writing is tight. The story transitions from beginning to middle to end with skill. The author writes like a skilled professional.

I did have a concern about a thirteen year-old girl saying “I’d jump him right here” in reference to a boy they consider a “hunk.” Maybe I’m getting too old, and maybe kids today would talk that way, but it seems inappropriate for a fairy tale that will be read to children even younger.

I did enjoy the transformation that happened when Jennifer returned to the waking world. Her renewed sense of appreciation for her stepsister sends a nice message.

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