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reviewed by on 07/22/2009
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Well Steven or should I say Al or should I say to both of you... Congratulations on a humorous story steeped in metafiction! The footnotes are very funny. I never knew J. Edgar Hoover didn't invent the vacuum cleaner. And all this time the picture I have of him hanging on my bedroom wall next to Derwood Kirby was all for nothing. I guess you learn something new every day.
When I saw Mobius strip in the first sentence I said, "Good! Finally a story with nudity! But who is Mobius?"
I am not sure what to say other than it is a very good and funny story. You really need to get your alter ego on the same page though unless you wish to expand it then you and your alter ego must agree to disagree.
This was a very creative exercize in exercizing your creativity. Good job!
I hope this has helped...

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