Review of: Restoration 

reviewed by Suesea on 10/05/2010
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A second chance Credited Review
A family breakup leaves a man alone in his home contemplating life. The stability of his relationships are reflected in the condition of his house and yard. The foundation of his porch is crumbling, the hedges are pathetic, and his lawn is overgrown. The reader observes the man's inner thoughts as he begins to tackle his environment and himself.

The story's concept is about how much this man learns tending the flowers, pulling weeds, and reflecting within himself on the goodness of the life he once had. It's a humbling experience, and the process brings him to the realization that he needs to seek forgiveness from his family and try to rebuild. New life begins in the garden as new life grows within this man's heart. The story ends on a positive note with the reader believing there is still hope for the family to survive and even be better than before.

I enjoyed the story, and I can't think of any suggestions. The only thing, and this is pushing it, would be to add dialog if you want to quicken the pace a bit. Having some dialog in the story, either with the guy's neighbor, best friend, or family would quicken the pace and also give the writer the ability to reveal more about the characters and the story in a different way. As it is, all of the story we are in the main character's mind as he mulls over ideas and reflects; it works, and allows the writer to add some depth, however, for interest, and to keep the reader hooked and engaged, dialog is helpful.

Thanks for sharing this story.


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