Review of: The Solo's 

reviewed by FloydTheSecond on 08/15/2006
A Singular Review
I found this short to be okay. It's not bad, in many ways it was technically quite proficient, it just was rather bland story-wise. It was creative in it's concept to juxtapose the Star Wars characters against The Ozbornes reality show, but the comedy just wasn't there. Especially when dealing with something as big as Star Wars that's been parodied many times over, you've got to make the jokes fresh and original. I just didn't see it here.
Beyond the story, the editing was pretty good. The wipes and other transitions were a nice little nod to the Star Wars editing. I also thought the music was quite good, maybe the funniest part of the short. And those blaster marks on the wall, was that a post effect or in camera? If it was post, that was quite good!
Camera work is always difficult to judge too closely on these streaming videos, but overall it was fine. Again if you're trying to spoof a reality show, you're going to shoot it as such. The camera was a bit shaky at times, but otherwise it was fine.
Lastly, the acting, was much like the story, servicable but not very memorable. Perhaps better actors would have supported and brought the story to life better.
All in all a good effort, showing a lot of competence. To take it to the next level though you need a better script.

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