Review of: The Concise Biography of the Manticore 

reviewed by BozDonovan on 02/16/2011
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As a theriocephalic falcon-headed Horus, being highly superior in mythological hierarchy, I must admit I am a bit biased in my assessment of the legendary zoomorphic Manticore. On one hand. (or paw or wing as the case may be), I find the Manticore a vile creature of ill repute. However, this particular specimen does display a likable sense of humor.

It comes as no surprise that a Manticore would think itself on scale with a roach crawling across the floor. Such comparisons are worthy of their lot in life. Horus would simply snap the roach up with its powerful beak and be done with it, avoiding any need for a long-drawn out philosophical self-reflection.

While this Manticore was busy watching movies, eating burritos and wasting time on the computer, this Horus was challenging the great Watson to a game of Double-Jeapordy. "I'll take Chimeraian Manifestations for $800."

Sadly, the Manticore admits that he has trouble with "long-distance, long-term relationships." I can identify as I have been dating Icarus for the last 25 centuries and I know all the ups and downs. It's a burn out every time.

Hopefully the Manticore will fulfill his dreams of getting his own art showing, become famous, and move out of his parent's house. It couldn't happen to a nicer anthropomorphic humorist.

Keep on typing.

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