Review of: A Tru Fairytale 

reviewed by lucyriches on 11/22/2011
Credited Review
A Truiffic Fairytale! Credited Review
Enjoyed the snappy quick start.

Didn't get the buffalo wings joke? Too much?

Extremely imaginative and creative.

Great use of "old world" fairytale language!

Not sure the target audience? Humour for the adults but might confuse the children too much? Not subtle enough?
Simplify phrases like p.54 "The witch, suffering from egomaniacal paranoid delusions" for a more younger audience?

Jack in the beanstalk part was very entertaining.

You have thoroughly done your fairytale homework!

Could be more subtle at times. P.39.

OSCAR (contíd)
(turning to another patron)
You ever see a guy with a goose and a
What is that? A euphemism?

No, She didnít. She had only heard the
lies in the Tavern.

Good pace. Constant Goal to keep us hooked.

Definitely reminded me of Shrek which isn't a bad thing at all.

I felt you kind of lost me on page 59. Where the handsome prince turned out to be Bob.
I kept thinking, where is the moral? What am i learning from this story What is it teaching me? Nothing was obvious.

Had a few good set ups and payoffs.

Loved when they went to the witches cave and were performing a street car named desire!

Structurally sound. Conflict continually arose towards to end.

Clear characters. Although I wish Tru was a little more feisty!

Clearly a tremendous amount of hard work and effort has gone intot this script and it has paid off.

Overall I was extremely entertained. However I would try and strengthen up the moral of the story, the idea of following your heart and being true to yourself was a little weak. It got lost in the fairytale nods and comedy.

All in all you should be very proud!

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