Review of: Pictures By My Mama 

reviewed by SaintSinnerCEO on 04/08/2012
Amazingly poignant memoir
Elmer Lang totally flipped the script on me with this one. I wasn't expecting such a deep, poignant documentary style short film after the last shorts I've seen of Lang's, but I got one with Pictures By My Mama.

This short speaks volume about a time of racial disharmony and very little equality, and speaks volumes as well as to how great of a woman Elmer's mother was to stand up in times like those for something important, even when it was I'm certain shunned badly during these harsh times.

I loved the use of the telling old black and white footage of those sad times in our history, and I enjoyed the honest commentary from Lang about his dear mother as you can tell me has mixed feelings as most would about his mother's convictions before she passed, but I think you can also decipher that he's proud to have had a mother that stood for something bigger, and he paid honor to her by creating this short to share her valiant story with the world.

Great work again, Mr. Lang. God bless you for sharing this, and God bless your mother for being a great one that assisted in helping make a better day by taking pictures like that last one she did.

All the best!

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