Review of: Gunfighter's Waltz 

reviewed by minxproductions on 05/09/2005
An interesting piece
Unlike anything I've seen on the site before and most definitely an interesting historical piece that succeeds in commenting on the times and the futileness of the event itself. I was both refreshed and frustrated by this film. It was well shot, very authentic, had excellent framing, camera movement and focus pulls. It retained my attention from beginning to end and I was interested in the story you had to tell. However, for me, it took too long to start and finish. I'm not sure of the timing, but it felt as if approximately 1 minute passed before the first image came on screen. Although information needs to be communicated, I felt this could have been much shorter, or ultimately better over footage (to set up the scene). I also felt the scenes describing the characters' fate could have been shorter, while still successfully communicating the essence of the film. A technically very proficient film, great cinematography, fantastic effects and ultimately compelling.

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