Review of: Windigo 

reviewed by Learjet on 06/14/2003
Credited Review
Artic Chills. Credited Review
This screenplay delves into Indian mythology,and demonic possession of the soul.Concept is very good,but presented in a somewhat moderate fashion,for all it's twist,and turns,and seems to miss the mark by a narrow margin.Characters are mostly well put together,"Pat" seems a little thin,some later introductions not relevant to story, "Native Girls" in bar, case in point.Dialogue is well written,concise and,believable for it's timespan.Story moves at good pace,by use of "Flashbacks" but suffers when it leaves the manhunt in the wilderness,and returns to Edmonton, the notebook can be confusing, courtroom needs infusion of drama,to equal manhunt. Structure works for plot.Overall a very good piece of writing, liked the "Jack/Tommy" scene with gun,but for some reason it starts to flounder in Act 3,and really doesn't do justice to what has gone before,needs a darker conclusion to really pull it off.

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