Review of: 36 Belial Place 

reviewed by dunphoid on 05/17/2010
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Atmospheric and Creepy Credited Review
Very atmospheric and creepy. I wasn't sure what the significance of the naked clown was, or the 5 year old boy. They were certainly scary and sometimes I guess it's good not to have an explanation. By the end of the story I would like an indicator as to whether perhaps the narrator was dead and in hell, or whether he was in an actual house which had supernaturally appeared and reappeared. I know that in Irish mythology, faeries would create fake houses to which they'd lure travellers, before dragging them to hell.

I would also like a sense of whether the narrator's wife and son had actually been burned alive in a fire maybe? If not, how were they lured to the house or how were they killed?

The Buyer could be elaborated on a bit more I think. Is he the Devil? Who is he?

It was a cool, nightmarish story but I needed a little bit more explanation at the end. In fact, it might be cool to add an extra para or two where he is taken to see his wife and son. What state are they in? Perhaps the clown shows him into a dark room and turns on a light...and he sees his wife and son half-dead covered in gnawing, starving, rats!

Well done. Creeped me out big time!

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