Review of: The Creature 

reviewed by croonie on 09/22/2011
attack of the killer Furbies
What a fun story. It reminded me of Critters, with little beady eyed flesh eating monsters. The story was very intriguing and flowed really well in some spots. Your strength is definitely your inventive and colorful assimilations. They can be a little confusing in places and interrupt the rhythm, but its obvious you have a passion for it.

Part 1 set up a vague story, but was very descriptive at the same time. You explained all the details that surrounded you, but refrained from the character detail. You explained next to nothing about your friend so I didn't really care about her. Be specific and informative. What is her name? Are you lovers if you are having a 'frisky' night? Why should I care about her? One piece I found contradictory was as the night was ending you both resigned to drinking water (oh wait) - except for the liquor we were still drinking. Sometimes falling in love with a line, you have to set it free.
Real quick, entrails? Really?

I didn't understand the sequence break up. What marked the start of part 2? In traditional storytelling there is an event usually accompanied by a decision that signals the next sequence. This had already occurred when you decided to make the split and it was confusing to me, but nothing serious. The images were strong enough that I got the shivers once or twice whilst reading. Strong imagery is hard to write. Pursue that. Show the reader, don't tell the reader.

Part 3 was a bit more weak than part 2. Some of the exposition felt like a first draft. You had a great opportunity for heightened suspense as you fled the car, but didn't use it. And your friend didn't seem too concerned that you were leaving her. These are small details that take a story from average to great.

You have a passion for writing and love to build your vocabulary to reach new depths in storytelling, but some basic principals are missing. Great job and a great effort.

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