Review of: Nun of Your Business 

reviewed by midnightcat on 02/20/2008
Beautifully reminiscent...
Watching this I was reminded of the short film work of Roman Polański. The use of special effects, music, text titles, and (of course) french to evoke foreign film techniques of days past is simply superb. The acting was effective, as was some of the framing. My only qualm is that film doesn't go as far is it might. It feels more like the set-up for an amazing piece then like something complete in-and-of-itself.

As a result of the film's brevity, it is hard for me to say that any characters were at all developed in it, and, therefore, that the conflict of the piece (that is, the angel and the nuns reaction to the man without a shirt) is any more than the punch line of a joke (rather than, say, the conclusion of a story). Perhaps if the nun or angel interacts with the man on the beach...?

However, I must admit, even as a joke (vomiting is always fun!) I was truly and totally entertained. I think the creative technique of this film alone warrants it's inclusion in any short film festival anywhere...

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