Review of: A Dangerous Mind 

reviewed by gclifton on 03/02/2010
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BLIND CORNER Credited Review
A very well done piece with ominous overtones of evil BEM's (Bug Eyed Monsters) seizing the minds of resistance fighters and turning them into junior BEM's who are mind screwed into murdering their friends. The misdirection is excellent and you covered it until the twisted end.

Have you considered weaving this into a longer story? Perhaps cover the disc with a larger bandage and expand Josh's visual of his prison and/or captors in his tormented mind.

You could strengthen your prose by trimming words or watching sentence structure: "... couldn't help but think of his wife, she loved to garden" is two sentences or a semi-colan at best. Or "Josh was the very first to have it done to him," would read as well" "Josh was the first experiment or recepient." Just saying.

On balance this is a good read. Very innovative.

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