Review of: LOST AT SEA 

reviewed by judylewis on 02/27/2004
Credited Review
Brainy and the Band Credited Review
This is an old-fashioned love story with some very funny set pieces in it. For the most part, the story elements are neatly interwoven and elements are carefully set up to pay off later. Some of the characters' voices are uneven, but generally the older people sound like people of their generation, the aging hippies sound like aging hippies and the 80s rock band sounds like an aging rock band. I'd like to see more of Paul with Goth Violet, maybe chronologically rather than via flashback. I'd like to see Paul interact with a groupie to learn that he doesn't like them (not just hear about it). Most of the dialog is well thought out, but some is too "on the nose." In places you might find fresher ways of saying things, eg, Carol's heartfelt speech at the end could be more specific, less direct, less Hallmark card. Paul's grouchy dad, Helmut & Rudy are all individuals. Elsa should appear earlier, perhaps as Violet's teacher. There is a plot: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, but it's also a story about learning to risk loving someone. The one thing that isn't resolved is Paul's career. He should be planning to go to college, become a gardener or songwriter--after Tahiti of course. Good visuals: cemetery, yacht, band, garden, raft.

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