Review of: THE 16th MINUTE 

reviewed by judylewis on 11/15/2003
Credited Review
. . .But it feels like years Credited Review
Some of the scene setting in this tale of a pair of hockey players is well done. The character of Mac is believable. The writing alternates from purple prose to slang in the action lines and wobbles between hackneyed truisms and exposition. The relationships are shown through painfully on-the-nose dialog. Even if we care for the characters, it's hard to listen to them yapping at length about their problems as if they were real people you know, rather than characters in a script. In a film, people sound like "real people" by speaking in fragments of real speech, not the dull, ordinary way we actually talk, but the way we'd talk to one another if someone wrote our lines for us. Here, they speak in whole sentences--cliche-ridden, expository and uninteresting ones. The action's fairly interesting. Boy has girl and friend, boy loses girl and friend, hurts friend, boy's alcoholism worsens, boy loses everything, then easily gets everything (but girl) back again. Mac's journey back is too easy. His AA sponsor's too convenient. Too many characters disappear after being introduced. Beginning with Clint who has nothing to do with anything is misleading. Mac finding out about Gina through B&E is creepy. Good start, but needs work.

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