Review of: Certainty 

reviewed by kumar.u.naresh on 03/09/2011
Credited Review
certainty review Credited Review
after reading the story i believe the author has had a sound training in the field of either medicine or paramedics. the technicalities were taken care of well.

the story overall somehow lacks a theme. to start off with, the usage of the technical terms for medicines etc could have been controlled. i as someone who is not well versed with the technical jargons felt a little lost in the beginning with the description in the initial part of the story.

the overall story, of what i could assess, was about the narrator's experience. but it seems that the story tries to cover too many things at one time, the attrition of employees, the friend who has left, the patient who comes into the hospital, his death, the career aspiration of the narrator etc. in the process it is not able to sumptuously grasp either of the plots.

probably a single theme or a single dominant theme with sub themes playing around it would be a good way to attempt a story.

i however liked the way the emotional aspect of the narrator was treated. quite mature.

wish you all the best man...keep up the good work...

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